Chéré couloir Chamonix

Two cancelled week-ends in Chamonix with friends due to the weather… this time, no matter what… Chamonix, here we go!

My father and I go to the Aiguille du Midi… nice white landscape: impossible to see more than 5m… we reach the Cosmiques Refuge with help of the GPS. After taking our beds, we decide to go climbing… no weather improvement… let’s mixed climb on the Cosmiques ridge. We start 100m on the right of the classic start. No topo, no route: feeling climbing. We make (open?) a steep 100m of M4/5… well, that’s not a bad afternoon to become acclimatized.

Next day, after a night of snow… bad weather again. We go climbing the Chéré couloir. Thanks to the GPS again. 10cm snow sticked to rock and bad ice… not the best conditions to protect ourselves. We need it? A bit but we start climbing. Sometimes we see the glacier but usually, we don’t see the end of the rope: great atmosphere! Hopefully we found some bolts to rappel.

Third day, last day, nice day… but time to go back to Belgium. We reach the Aiguille du Midi by the classique Cosmiques ridge. A lot,… no!: too many people!! We were alone the last two days.

Wake up on the Cosmiques refuge, fell asleep in my bed the same day in Brussels… I prefer the opposite like the first day!

But mountains are still mountains, climbing is climbing and we always enjoy it!! Especially with family!